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Well, it’s been noticed that you like polemical topics. Not to mention all the rumors your first book caused, we have now this one that, from what I noticed, is even more incisive and controversial than the previous one. I’d even say terrifying. What exactly led you to write this book and why did you not write something to stimulate people to go to the dentists, considering you are a dentist yourself?
First I’d like to emphasize that I respect the good humor of my readers’ and, for that, I consider everything valid to stimulate that. In this world full of tribulations we live, we risk, without noticing, letting ourselves go on by the pessimism like most people do, people who complain more than simply live their lives. If life is not that beautiful, which I recognize, that does not mean we would put our sense of humor aside and became part of the great number of unsatisfied and complaining people around us. This just makes things worse. Although dissatisfaction might knock upon our doors from times to times, we must learn how to deal with it, that is, we must play with it, that’s the way we must do. And for that is the sense of humor. To those who have, it’s the same sense of humor which will say if the should or should not go to the dentists after reading the book.

Your first book caused panic to great part of the population, including a great outrage among dentists and the organization that rules the class. I got to know about an ethic sue file against you. How would you interpret such reaction among people, that for great part of them you are trying to convince the reader not to go to the dentists?
We learn a lot of things in school. We learn a lot of thing in our work, in our occupation. A lot of people have taught us a bunch of things, the same way we have taught others lots of things. If you want to learn about some specific subject, buy a book, read it, reread it, ask questions to someone who knows the subject much more than you. I am sure you will learn all you need about it. Unfortunately there are no books teaching how to have a good sense of humor, and no books teaching how to smile indeed. Who teaches such things is life, but not everyone learn, maybe for not learning how to live. Living is a form of interacting with our world and learning occurs by such interaction. When people close themselves inside their own ignorance, such interaction does not happen and consequently the learning does not happen either. If the first book caused panic to many people, to millions of other people it caused much laughing and led them to some knowledge on dentistry that it would not be acquired by any other way. Their perception and understating have changed, and they changed for better, the way of seeing a dentist’s office and the way of interacting with the professional that works in there. To the unsatisfied ones, I recommend going to the next bookshop and looking for “How to have sense of humor in 10 lessons”. They will not learn yet, they will not even find such book, but just for the fact of reflecting over it, they will have gone through the first step.
Tell us something about your book. Up to what point this book is didactic and up to what point it is humorous or even sarcastic? How to mix the two aspects throughout your book?
Well, I’d say that the book tries to bring the maximum of information in the less sleeping way. Certain themes do not cooperate with a traditional writing to be explained, mainly when the public to whom the book was written is laic, with no familiarization with the subject. If you follow the traditional path, the result will be disinterest followed by sleepiness… I remember that one of the critics of my first book said to have read the entire book at once, in a single sip. I found it extraordinary! It’s a signal that the book got to get his attention and interest so that he could not interrupt his reading, going on and on until the end of it. Worse it is when we get to start reading a book and after some pages, a yawning here a yawning there, we fold the top corner of the page to indicate where we stop, put the book away, in a drawer and we will never remember it exists. When you want to convey some information, it is necessary to analyze the best way to be done in an efficient form. And the non-conventional ways, the polemical ones and those which get out of the traditionalism are the best ones, certainly. There is a passage in the book I talk about fluoride added to our water supply, which we constantly have contact with, and its harmlessness to our health. In this non-traditional line adopted by the book, the dentists are put to sit in the convicted seats, for being the greatest distributors of such culture that, unfortunately, we still met lots of followers all over.

(Extracted from original parts of the book)
Do the test with the dentist

You are a stubborn person, aren’t you? You still do not believe that you definitely should not go to the dentist, right? Don’t worry, intelligent people generally have a formed opinion of things in general and it is not easy to modify such opinion. I know there’s still a little to modify yours, so here’s a test for you to do with your dentist and to convince that he does not know a lot about what he says and that it won’t be a nice thing for you to go to the dentist’s, I mean, to no dentists’ at all.

First, it’s good that you know some true things about fluoride, that same fluoride that dentists love so much and recommend a lot. It’s been proved recently that fluoride is associated to depression. That’s it! People have crisis of depression or even those who constantly happen to be down, sometimes even taking anti-depressive continuously, they have a greater amount of fluoride in their body than they should. It doesn’t even have to be an excessive amount of fluoride, but a slight increase in the habitual quantity that the organism is prepared to stand, when it goes over a certain limit, individual and of each person, it is more than enough to cause depression in several levels, depending on the sensibility of fluoride of each person. Several people suffering depression had their case improved, or even healed, when they stopped consuming the water supplied by the Brazilian companies, changing it to mineral water from pure fountains with no increase of chemical substances such as fluoride. On the other hand, besides depression, other malefic side effects, caused by fluoride when circulating in the body an over limit amount, are still not known. It’s important to highlight again that such limit is individual, each one has their own, not existing an exact, standard amount that it can be excessive.

And where does this fluoride causing so bad to the health come from? It comes mainly from the supplied water you drink everyday, relieving your thirstiness and also killing you, little by little, every day. In Brazil, the additional of fluoride to the water supply by the responsible companies is something enforced by law, different from other countries considered first world, the law prohibits the addition of fluoride to the water. That is it, fluoride is prohibited abroad! They add fluoride to the water here in Brazil only because they think that this fluoride present in the water will be absorbed by your teeth in the right and short moment that the water is passing by your mouth when you drink it and with that caries will be reduced. Some others think that once the water is in your stomach, such fluoride will be absorbed by your body, going to the blood circulation, then to the glands, responsible for saliva production, and after that it will be present in your saliva being absorbed by your teeth. My God! Such ignorance… And even if it is absorbed by the teeth, the effect will be so insignificant like a sand grain toward the ocean, taking into consideration that there are other more efficient and safer forms to have the same fluoride be in contact with the teeth and then make them strong.

And more. During food cooking in aluminum pans, the use of fluorinated water makes the aluminum from the pan go to the food more than with non fluoridated water. And it is know nowadays that the excess of aluminum in the organism is associated to the Alzheimer’s disease. The Alzheimer’s disease or the Alzheimer’s disorder has such name for being first described by a German neurologist, Alois Alzheimer. It is a kind of disease that generally affects people over 65 years old and that it does not have cure so far. The treatment consists only of controlling the symptoms. The person hit by such disease can be placed in one of the three stages of the diseases evolution, being light, moderated and severe. The symptoms are similar to those of mental dementia and goes from forgetting of recent events, of doing personal hygiene to the forgetfulness of relatives’ names, difficulty to talk and to do the routine tasks, time and space notions loss and in the end total loss of independence. Only this would be enough to abolish completely the fluoride from water of the city supply, or at least, not making it obligatory, imposing it to the population, without giving them the right to choose.

I could spend the whole book talking about the maledicts of the fluoride added to the water, I’d even like that, but that is not my intension. It fits saying briefly that the fluoride added to the city water supply and circulating in the body interferes in the enzymatic and hydrogen function of the DNA chain, reduces bones elasticity, block of the immunological system and so on, even in small amounts, as the ones added to the water. Would the removal of fluoride from the city water supply be one of the ways to improve health of patients with AIDS?

And there’s more! No one likes to take medicine without needing, right? And if the medicine was not prescribed by the doctor it is more dislikeable indeed. The way it is added to the water supply, the fluoride becomes a homeopathic medicine, it is diluted and boosted, and it has effects on human organisms. Nowadays, medicine has considered the power of the homeopathy and it is recognized and become official as a medical specialty. But, as we know, a homeopathic medicine prescribed mistakenly can cause serious damages for whoever takes it. For your information, an appointment with a homeopathic doctor is a personal detailed consultation, with several details and niceties related to each patient that the doctor tries to capture, so that the same medicine can be good for some and very bad for some others. In our case, we’re being forced to ingest a medicine daily, whether we want or not. If you know any homeopathic doctor and if you think he is competent, talk to him about the addition of fluoride in the water supply. All the renowned authors and lecturers who really understand about homeopathy condemn this absurd habit, that in this country it becomes rooted more and more, just because a group of dentists says that it’s good for the teeth. How stupid! But here, the right to prescribe homeopathic medicines is not only for the expert doctors, but also of the politicians. This is the real origin of this problem.

But, let’s put such problems, originating from the parliament, aside. Let’s get back to the test that you will do with your dentist. When you meet him, and I hope that it is not in his office, ask him what he thinks about the fluoride addition in the water supply. Generally, such dentists existing all around are crazy for the fluoride and they will tell you a lot of bullshits trying to convince you that the fluoride in the water is good. So, after answering that it’s good, don’t hesitate to ask him why he thinks the dilution and boosting of the fluoride, when put into the water supply, doesn’t make it become a homeopathic medicine. Beware for he will try to fool you!

There are some complicated subjects on dentistry that, as we know, only the dentists can understand. Do you talk about this kind of subject or you limit yourself to only comment about the simplest facts of easier access and understanding by the laic reader?
Don't say that! [laughs...] This way you are saying that my readers are not intelligent people. First step is to understand that if the reader bought my book, it was already implied that this reader is a very intelligent person and...
I didn't say that. I only wanted to ask if you talk about the whole type of dentistry subjects in your book, even those more technical subjects.
I also didn't say that you said that. I was joking, just as I joke during great part of the book. And you got it serious! And the same way it happens to several people, they take some passage of the book seriously. But the most interesting is that there are also fairly serious passages in the book. Then, which one must be taken as a joke and which one must not? It is exactly that which makes the book instigating, because the more sharpened is your sense of humor, more easily you will know how to distinguish among what is a real fact, a constructive critic or a jocular sooth, but not because of that totally untrue. There are several passages in the book where I comment about relatively technical matters of the dentistry, but in the way that they were approached, they become absolutely easy to understand by any readers, even those who have never heard about the subject.

(Extracted from original parts of the book)
Dentist fooling around

Do you know what the biggest mistake made by the dentists is, almost every day and having as victims great part of the patients they assist? It’s a pretty common mistake and there are no dentists on Earth who haven’t made it. I can assure that more than 90% of the dentists make such mistake daily and it is not absurd they had already made such mistake on you, because I do know that you also made the mistake of going to the dentist’s sometimes. If the dentists make mistakes, and they do it a lot, I hope that at least you don’t make the mistake of going to the dentists’ again, especially after you know and after being able to identify in yourself the mistake they made.

For your proper understanding of the way dentists make mistakes, let’s talk a little about colors, it can be yellow, blue or any other you prefer. When we talk about colors we must have in mind three magic words: hue, chroma and value. Hue of a color is just the name of the color, just like red or green. For example, the hue of the sky in a summer day is blue. Chroma is the same as saturation, in other words, the intensity of the color. Imagine a paint of yellow color, or better saying, of yellow hue. If we mix to this paint a little more of yellow pigment, the saturation, the chroma will increase, it will be stronger, more intense. If, on the other hand, we dilute that paint, adding water to it, the chroma will decrease; the yellow will be weaker, less intense. It is the same as adding water to a glass of red wine. The hue will continue being red, but the chroma will reduce. So, chroma makes us distinguish between the strong tones and the weak ones. To complete, the value is the same as the bright of the color, it is the clarity of the color, the luminous degree that it has, that makes us distinguish between the lightest colors and the darkest ones. It is what you notice when you turns on your TV and you set the brightness of the image. All this is a bit complicated to understand but, just a curiosity, who formulated these concepts was not a dentist, but some guy called Albert Munsell who was a painter, and this system of decomposition of the colors in hue, chroma and value is called Munsell System.

Great part of the dentists when, for instance, choosing the colors that will be used in a restoration to be done with compounded resin, that it has already been presented to you in the volume I of this book, it is used a color scale called Vita Scale. In this scale, that altogether has 16 colors, there are four hues and different chromes for each hue. The four hues present in the Vita scale are the brown, symbolized in the scale by the letter A, the yellow hue with some brown, symbolized by the letter B, the gray hue with some brown that is symbolized by the letter C and finally the reddish pink hue with some brown, symbolized by the letter D. The chroma in this scale is represented by a number that comes immediately after the letter corresponding to the hue. So we have, for instance, the colors A4, B3, C2, D3 and so on. And in agreement to this scale, we noticed that the color A4 has a superior chroma to the color A3, that is stronger than the color A2. The resin colors more commonly used by all of the dentists of the world are the colors A2 and A3. Since the Vita Scale used by the dentists doesn't measure values of the colors, this dimension of the color is only gotten at the time that the dentist is executing the procedure on the patient, when he can use pigments, that can provide the most varied effects in a resin, altering its value. If it seems to be complicated for you, imagine for the dentist that when he looks for more than 10 seconds at a same hue, he stops noticing the different existing chromes, when for him color A3 gets to look like color A1, phenomenon that is called "visual fatigue".

Phew! I explained all this only for you to understand the quantity of mistakes the dentists usually make. Most dentists already begin messing the hue and they also mess the chroma. For instance, instead of choosing color B3 they ended choosing A2. Then there is no good in wanting to fix it because it will be late. Even when they get the right hue, they miss in the choice of the chroma. Great part of the time they normally utilize the color A2 instead of A3. And even though, because of certain luck, they choose the correct color, in a restoration with composite resin, it is fact that most of them don’t know how to work the values of the colors, when they will end up doing a restoration more whitish or more grayish. This is very common to happen and I consider very rare or even impossible, the fact that there is a dentist that always gets the right color in the works he performs. Most of them fails and gets it so wrong that makes the problem more serious. And to complicate a little more what is already complicated, add to all of this the fact that a same tooth always has several different colors. Pay attention to your front teeth, if they weren’t destroyed by any dentist yet, that part located close to the gums has a different color from the part below, usually a more intense color, with a higher chroma or even a different hue. Did you see?

Usually poor patients who go to the dentist’s don’t even notice the mess he does in their mouths. They think it is that way anyway. And when they notice and they complain, the dentist quickly invent an excuse, he says that it is that way, he blames the patients' teeth that are very dark, he lies that later the resin will change its color, he says that it is normal, he invents a lot of things. It’s not normal at all! A well done restoration is that one that is invisible, in other words, it is that one that is imperceptible to a common person's look, who is not a dentist, even when that person looks with attention and closely. If you had been going to the dentist’s and if you had some front teeth of yours filled, do the test yourself. In front of a mirror and with a good illumination that doesn't make shadows, try to observe your teeth well, their colors, and you will discover a lot of mess they have done in your mouth. No rare, you will find a lot of restorations always darker or lighter than the natural color of your teeth. Oh, will you want to replace them? What for? Even the new ones that you may happen to do, it is good that you know they will keep very different from the color of your teeth and, in that game to remove a restoration and to do another, the cavity of your tooth will only have its size increased. Soon you will have more hole than tooth, have you thought of it?

Such history of mistakes in choosing the color is more evident when it’s about prosthesis, in other words, when a tooth is completely destroyed and it is necessary the placement of a crown in that tooth, or still in the case of fixed or removable bridges. In the case of the crowns, they use to come from the prosthesis laboratory with a totally wrong color and so different from the color of the patient's teeth. But I will not comment about that because this subject is being spoken too much and I’ll let such unhappiness for the stubborn ones to discover when they go to the dentist’s, if they don’t discover it as soon as they look in a mirror and see the huge aquarelle there is in their mouth. Do you still want to go to the dentist’s?

Well, still into the issues you talk about in your book, don't you think that talking about diseases and about the easiness wherewith they can be transmitted, you would, in this way, be causing a certain unnecessary panic in the population and consequently moving them away from dental clinics?
On the contrary. I consider the information always welcome and I restate that, when the interest exists, it can never be considered superfluous. If I am talking about diseases and of the easiness they can be transmitted, it is because the disease itself really exists and there is the easiness of transmission of this disease. I don't see reason to lie or to hide information of such value, whereas its knowledge will bring only benefits to the reader, making them more observant and cautious. And if I am moving the readers away from dental clinics or not, it’s up to the discernment and the sense of humor of each one. One thing is certain, with no doubt I am moving them away from all the unprepared dentists to assist them. This is more than certain.

(Extracted from original parts of the book)
HBV, care for some?

As you already know, if you read the volume one of this book, you can get an infinity of diseases when going to the dentist’s. You may also know that the majority of the procedures that he makes on his patient’s mouth cause some kind of bleeding, as it was already explained in volume one also, if I’m not wrong, under motive 3, right in the beginning of the book. And one of those serious diseases you risk getting by going to the dentist’s is Hepatitis B, which can even cause a cancer in your liver.

If you ask your dentist whether there is the risk of getting Hepatitis B in his office, of course he will say no! He will deny to his death this possibility and will still try to convince you to do the treatment with him. But, think a bit: and if he accepts the fact that there really is the risk of getting Hepatitis B in his office and confirm it, would you go to the dentist’s? Would you?

Before we continue, let's learn what Hepatitis B is. Hepatitis B, also called Serum Hepatitis, is an inflammation of the liver, caused by a virus called HBV, attacking great part of the population. In the dentist’s office, its transmission happens through invisible residues of blood present in instruments badly sterilized. The virus that causes the Hepatitis B is very resistant, could get to survive seven days in any surface of the dentist's office, especially in the Dental Explorer, that the dentist uses in almost everything he does in his patient’s mouth and that kindly was already introduced to you in this book.

The symptoms of Hepatitis B can take many months to be shown and they usually include headaches and body pain, extreme tiredness with no visible cause, uneasiness, fever and appetite loss. In some cases jaundice can happen, that is indicated by a yellow color on the skin and the urine gets dark, helping the diagnosis of this kind of Hepatitis. After some months, all these symptoms disappear and in most of the people the illness is healed naturally, through the self defense system of the affected organism, fighting and eliminating the virus from the liver. In some other cases, the organism doesn't get to totally eliminate the virus from the liver, causing the growth of the Chronic Hepatitis, that is shown by lab exams and can, within the years, cause Cirrhosis and/or Hepatic Cancer, which has to be treated appropriately with specific medicines. A rare form of Hepatitis, that is called Fulminant, can also happen. In this case, the organism itself fights extremely the liver cells which are infected with the virus and, in this violent war, ends up destroying almost all the liver, causing death in great part of cases.

We concluded then that the course Hepatitis will proceed depends on the intensity of the organism's answer in facing the causing virus, that can be available to all the interested people in the local dentist’s office. And as you will see ahead, the dentist will confirm and will accept this fact! Only for you to have notion of how easy it is to contract this virus, know that more than 300 million people in the world possess the Chronic form of the Hepatitis and they are disseminators of the virus. And all of them frequent the dentist's office regularly. Can you notice the danger?

But how would the dentist confirm that his office is a disseminator of Hepatitis B? It is not asking him that you will obtain this confirmation, because as you already know, he will deny, deny and deny. Then how? There are countless forms to say something or to transmit a message, not necessarily using words. For you to know how, I will tell you a coup that has been applied on the dentists and that has been working very well. A person, in this case the coup, schedules a budget appointment with the dentist who will be the victim of the coup. The coup attends properly to the appointment; he sits down in the dentist chair and lets him examine his mouth as he wants. And the dentist catches the Dental Explorer, the mirror, he looks, he examines, he writes down everything and in the end he passes the value of the treatment to this patient. The coup agrees with the budget and says he will take the proposed works and already schedules the beginning of the treatment for some days later. In the scheduled day, this patient doesn't come to begin the treatment. The dentist's secretary might call him with no success because he will not be found. He disappears. After some time, that same patient returns to the dentist's office and he asks to talk to the dentist privately. In that conversation, look, he shows the dentist some exams and a medical report which says he is a bearer of Hepatitis B' virus. He speaks he is about to develop the disease and that it will cause him a lot of trouble in his work and in his social life. The dentist pities him and is really sorry for the fact. But... The worst comes now! That patient presents to the dentist another medical report, previous to the day of the first consultation, which proves that he didn't have this virus. The dentist gets astonished. If the patient didn't have the virus in the previous day of the appointment and if after the appointment he started to have the virus, then obviously it was concluded that he acquired the virus during that appointment! And it’s not worth to deny, the documents are all in front of the dentist and they prove the fact. At this time, the coup patient tells the dentist he is a health professional, that he knows the bio-security procedures well and he begins to show the dentist how he would be failing in such aspects in his office. Actually this coup is instructed, because he does know all of the sterilization and disinfection procedures that should be adopted inside a dental office, and he starts pointing to the dentist all the observed failures, he, the dentist, cannot refuse them, because he is not dealing with a non-informed patient, one he is used to deal with, but with a wise, well-informed person. In the end, this patient says to the dentist that he is absolute sure that he caught Hepatitis in his office and he proposes a financial agreement for not having to sue him. he asks for a certain amount of money from the dentist saying that if the dentist pays, he won't look for a lawyer to sue him. And what happens now? Don’t be surprised, but the dentist accepts this agreement and he pays for that coup the amount he wants in the exchange for his silence. And if the dentist accepts that agreement, he is implicitly agreeing that his office is a way of transmission of Hepatitis B, otherwise he would have refuted all of the failures allegations in the bio-security procedures pointed by the coup and denied to pay him the demanded amount. If the dentist didn't do that it is because he ended up recognizing his potentiality as a disseminator of the disease, not with words, but with an attitude that is worth more than words.

And worse, this type of coup has been working well in all of the dentist's offices where the coups apply it, in other words, no dentists are being capable to deny that they did transmit the Hepatitis virus. That is very serious! Now tell me a thing: do you still want to go to the dentist?

Now, you will tell me a thing. There is a chapter in your book named “A secular secret", where you start a subject saying that there is a secret kept under lock and key by the dentists and only they know about this. And from what I read, this secret is really something very serious and is related to some patients’ death that dentists treat. You kind of hesitate to tell this secret and at the end of the book you end up revealing it. What intrigues most is that, although I don't doubt anything, I have a certain fear of believing, because all of this has a very creepy and perfectly rational logic and it is linked to what you reveal. I admit that, maybe because the tone you adopted in your book, I still hesitate to believe in the revelation you made, although everything seems very coherent. Did you really tell this secret of the dentists’ consciously or you revealed it by an impulse, considering that before you didn't want to reveal it? What are the implications of such revelation?
This is a delicate subject. I prefer not to talk about it, if you wouldn’t mind. Can I reproduce some parts of this interview on my website? If yes, I will ask the webmaster to include the part of the book which I begin to talk about this subject.

(Extracted from original parts of the book)
An ancient secret

One day, I was in the first year of college, when I was leaving the library which was near the building where the 4th grade used to have classes, I heard a group of teachers talking about postponing the congregation meeting. I didn’t pay attention to the fact as I imagined it was a meeting like any other one, of the chair professors of the college, but I noticed that as soon as they noticed my presence they immediately changed their subject. I came back home and I didn’t remember this fact again.

When I was studying the second grade of college, I happen to live, in a certain time, with two 4th grade students, in a place near the college, which we called Alley. As I already told you, there were about 10 bedrooms placed like a letter T and each student used to be more sitting in the corridor than inside their own bedroom. It was November, a very hot night. It was late, about 4:30 in the morning, I had come back home from some friends’ house and I was on the corridor talking to a friend from the Pharmacy course when those two 4th grade mates entered quickly, without saying anything, totally disturbed and they went straight to their bedrooms. I noticed that there was blood on the t-shirt of one of them, but on the next day both of them refused categorically to talk about the matter.

Time passed and I was at the 4th grade, the last of my dentistry student time. It was the beginning of the year and I remember I had a problem with my college enrollment. I went to the secretariat building and asked to talk to the director. The secretary said he was in a meeting but, since my subject was short, I could enter his room. During the few steps I was giving toward his room, I heard them again talking about the congregation and I also heard one of the professors saying that he didn't want them to make brainwashing that year. After that I heard another professor talking in reply, saying it was necessary. I came in the room and soon they stopped talking. As soon as the director saw me, not giving me time to get into the room, he stood up immediately and came to me, saying he was aware of my problem and he had already solved it all. Well, as I didn’t have anything else to say, I thanked and went away from there. My visit didn't even take twenty seconds, but if my problem was already solved, it was ok. I confess I got disturbed. What was this congregation? Brainwashing? I didn’t care about the subject and went away.

The year passed, we were in November and we were almost dentists. Better, we were dentists. It was missing only the official acceptance. In a certain day, during a Law Dentistry class, the director arrives in the classroom and calls all the students from the 4th grade for a very important meeting that would happen on Thursday of the following week, unquestionably at 11:00 pm, in a room of block B of the college, that would be prepared specially for this meeting. He highlighted the extreme importance of this meeting and emphasized that all the students should go wearing white clothes and those who didn’t go to the meeting couldn't participate in the graduation ceremony, under no circumstances. They should look for the directorship later to schedule another meeting. Some students asked the subject of the meeting, but he just highlighted the extreme importance of everybody’s attendance. Some complained about the time, but he said after the meeting we would understand why that hour. The teacher who was teaching at that moment was also a dentist and didn’t say anything. He just said we should attend the meeting and avoided any additional comments.

The day of such meeting arrived. All of us were apprehensive, not knowing what would happen in this event. What I’m going to tell from these moment on is extremely serious, a subject totally confidential so far and kept in an absolute secret and secrecy by the dentists of the entire world. I’m also a dentist. If on one hand I should never be revealing this secret, kept hidden by the dentists for decades, on the other hand the death of Mrs. X disgusts me a lot, that by judicial reasons and police investigation I can’t reveal the name, reason why I’m here to tell you the mystery that all this involves. Mrs. X was an old friend and didn’t die accidentally, as you will notice soon. Would I be, revealing what is going to be read on the next lines, betraying my profession and my dentist friends? Maybe yes, but I swore to myself I wouldn’t die with this secret kept. I can’t see the consequences of this revealing, but the time has come for the whole world to know what is the "Dentists’ Una Congregation”.

I admit that my heart is beating fast at this moment. I’m about to reveal such secret, I can't lie that I really trembled. I am very affected and confused. On one hand, I feel that I have a need and a duty of telling everything, but on the other hand, because I'm a dentist and for having accepted the cause, I don’t see myself on the right to break this tradition that is ancient and that has been working during decades and decades. This moment the ideas get confused in my head. Mrs. X’ death is not fair, but in compensation her death was necessary for reasons that, I admit, I have no courage to reveal. It is a mixed of lack of courage and, at the same time, of fidelity to the thousands of dentists spread around the world. Gosh, I’m one of them, I can't betray them. But what most affects me is that, although I’m part of all this, I don't agree with the attitudes they have adopted, with the posture and philosophy that they proceed. I could have merely forgotten all about this, let them move on their pathways in the way they wanted and simply keep myself in silence, as many quitting dentists do, but I feel that this silence will destroy me inside and I will suffer an extraordinary psychological torture for keeping with me an ideal which I don't share. I recognize that I am lost, I don't know what I’m supposed to do.

I’m sorry but I need some time to think. I began to write such motive certain that I had courage to reveal that secret, but in the right time of beginning to write and to reveal it, I didn't have courage. It's difficult to express the feeling in words, but it has been difficult to me and I don't know if some day I will have that courage. By now, I ask you to forgive me because I started a subject and I didn’t finish it. I know it's difficult for you to have the idea of the responsibility to keep a secret of such magnitude and it’s harder for me, in the emotional extent, to put an end in all this. It’s like if, during several decades, many people are making a huge sand castle, putting each grain, one by one, and suddenly somebody arrives with a bomb and destroys everything. And they aren’t inconsiderable people, they are dentists, like me. And it’s not just a sand castle, is an entire philosophy solidly built and adopted by an entire class of professionals. Sorry, but I’ll stop by now.

By now, it is being worth my sincere advice for you not to go to the dentists’ by no means. Mrs. X died because she went to the dentist’s and who knows, some day, I tell you the reason of her death. I don't want the same happening to you.

Which passage of your book do you consider more interesting? Which subject caused you more pleasure to write?
As my friends always joke with me, always when I will write "a saint embodies in me"... But there is a part of the book where I think that the saint literally embodied in me. After I finished writing and read what I had written, I was amazed, totally without expression or reaction. I didn’t believe I had written that. I don’t believe until now, to tell you the truth. I remember I was totally entertained while I wrote, making counts and more counts, and I didn’t see the time passing. The text is wondrous and it really frightens.

(Extracted from original parts of the book)
It is not a coincidence!

Let's talk a bit about Numerology, this science which associates the numbers to the words and from the numeric result gotten it interprets and gives meanings to those words and to what they represent. We will make the numerological analysis of the word DENTISTAS and we will reveal its deeper meaning, the essence of that word and all that it expresses. Such brief analysis doesn't follow preset patterns, but it will try in a simple way to decipher the secret that it is hidden behind that word that, as you will see, hides a lot of mysteries.

The first step is to associate each letter to a corresponding number. We will use the table below, associating the number 1 to the letter A, the number 2 to the letter B and so on. We will also make the reversed association, associating the number 1 to the letter Z, the number 2 to the letter Y and so on. We will still combine the two associations for getting a reliable result.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14

14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

  D E N T I S T A S  
4 5 14 20 9 19 20 1 19 111
4 5 5 2 9 1 2 1 1 30
23 22 13 7 18 8 7 26 8 132
5 4 4 7 9 8 7 8 8 60
36 36 36 36 45 36 36 36 36 333

Let’s understand the table above. The line "direct association" shows the numbers related to each letter of the word DENTISTAS, according to the first exposed table. The line straight below, that is "digit reduction", reduces the numbers that have two digits to numbers with just one digit, as it happens when we reduce the number related with the letter N, that is 14, in which we will have 1 + 4 = 5. When we reduce the number related to the letter S, which is 19, we will have 1 + 9 = 10 which will generate 1 + 0 = 1 in a second reduction. For “reversed association” we follow the same reasoning. The “vertical sum” is the sum of all numbers of the table, vertically, just like we have for the letter D, in which we have 4 + 4 + 23 + 5 = 36. The “horizontal sum” follows the same reasoning, but adding the numbers horizontally.

Let’s now interpret the results. Adding vertically the numbers obtained in the horizontal sum, we will have as a result the number 666. Confirm: 111 + 30 + 132 + 60 + 333 = 666! Do you know that number?

What happens if we multiply the result of the horizontal sum of the direct association (111) by the result of the horizontal sum of the digit reduction of this same association (30) and we divide the found product by the value obtained by the division of the horizontal sum of the digit reduction of the direct association (30) and reversed (60) between themselves? Let’s see: 111 x 30 = 3330. After we have 30 ÷ 60 = 0,5, that, in a reduction, it implicates in 0 + 5 = 5. Dividing 3330 by 5 we get to the result 666! Is it a coincidence?

If we divide the product of all numbers from digit reduction of the reversed association (5 x 4 x 4 x 7 x 9 x 8 x 7 x 8 x 8 = 18.063.360) by the value obtained by the product of the horizontal sum of the direct association (111) by the horizontal sum of its digit reduction (30), we will have the number 5424,43. Let’s see: 18.063.360 ÷ 111 x 30 = 5424,43. Reducing this result we will have 5 + 4 + 2 + 4 + 4 + 3 = 22. Multiplying the horizontal sum of the direct association (111) by the horizontal sum of the reversed association (132) and dividing this product by number 22 found above, we will have again the appalling number 666. Check it out: 111 x 132 ÷ 22 = 14652 ÷ 22 = 666. I don’t think it’s a coincidence!

Let’s work now with the product of results of horizontal sum of the direct association (111), reversed association (132) and of the horizontal sums of its reductions (30 and 60). We will have 111 x 132 x 30 x 60 that will have as a result the value 26.373.600. Making the first reduction of this number, we will have the number 27 (2 + 6 + 3 + 7 + 3 + 6 + 0 + 0 = 27) and after the second reduction we will have the number 9 (2 + 7 = 9). Have you thought about dividing this number above by the product of all numbers of the digit reduction of the reversed association? We would have 26.373.600 ÷ 5 x 4 x 4 x 7 x 9 x 8 x 7 x 8 x 8 = 26.373.600 ÷ 18.063.360 = 1,4600. Reducing once the digits of this result found, we will have 1 + 4 + 6 + 0 +0 = 11. Now, follow this reasoning: multiplying the horizontal sum of the direct and reversed association (111 and 132) between themselves and subtracting from this product the result gotten by the multiplication of the horizontal sum of the reversed association (132) by the number 11 found above, we will have the value 13.200. Check it out: (111 x 132) – (132 x 11) = 14652 – 1452 = 13.200. This is too weird, because if we divide the value 26.373.600, found above, by its first reduction (27), multiply the result by its second reduction (9) and divide the total value found by 13.200, gotten above, we will have as a result the number 666. See: 26.373.600 ÷ 27 x 9 = 8.791.200. After we have 8.791.200 ÷ 13.200 = 666. Creepy!

For your knowledge, 666 is the number of the beast, mentioned in the Bible, in the book of the Apocalypse, chapter 13, verse 18. It is a demoniac, satanic number. It’s a number which brings bad luck, unhappiness. It’s the number of the hell. It is not at random and nor by chance that the combination of letters from the word "DENTISTAS" generated that number. There aren’t so many coincidences like these. Dentists are the incarnation of the evil, the Lucifer personification. Be always away from them.

Dr. Eduardo Esber, we, from the city ** and from the newspaper **, thank you for your attention and we let it registered our “thank you very much” by putting available passages of your book in our anniversary edition. It will certainty contribute for the valorization of our newspaper material and for the cultural knowledge of our readers. We thank your visit and you can count on us whenever you need [...]
It’s my pleasure being here with you and I’m the one to thank you for all the attention and affection I was received. The questions made by dentist fellows have contributed for a bigger understanding of the subject and they have helped a lot on the comprehension of the importance of the care we have to take with our health. I thank all of you very much.

(Extracted from original parts of the book)
I had to lie...

It happened to me! I’m going to tell this fact, but expecting that Ms. Selma doesn’t take me badly because she will find out I lied to her. On the other hand, putting this fact here will be a way to explain to her the reason I lied and also a way to tell her the truth, a thing I couldn’t have said in the circumstances she went after me, and you will understand why.

I must have already mentioned this before, but it is fact that I live practically in a very small town, in a village stuck in the middle of some mountains, where people still love to gossip about the life of others and know who you are by the car you have. It’s normal, things from a small town. I like here, mainly because of the calm and the simple way of living, but once in a while I spend some time away, because the way country people usually think is restrict and it can, in the end, contaminating. It’s necessary to combat it, trying regularly to keep the mind open, and seeing the world without a blindfold, as most of people do here.

I’ve known Ms. Selma for several years. She says she carried me on her arms when I was a child and she saw me growing up. She even says she remembers the day I graduated and that she keeps my graduation invitation until today. She is about 60 years old, a beautiful and expressive smile, with teeth and gum looking apparently healthy. I say apparently because I never made an exam on her mouth. She has her own dentist, with whom she has her teeth taken care of for many years. And dentist is a “thing” that there is no lack around here. At any corner you stop, you will come across two, three or even four of them. They are here plentifully, in a huge amount, as the way the holes are in your cheese (crap Eduardo, how silly... What a geek comparison. Erase it!) I won't erase it. Everybody have their geek times and sometimes it’s good to set the geekiness free. Specially me who lives in a small village, come on, I have the right! But coming back to the subject about the dentists here, it’s worth to say that I have a good relationship with most of them. I’m friend with lots of them, we always meet each other, talk a little and besides dentistry, we talk about women and other subjects, after all, it’s not only of dentistry that the dentists live for. I like Dr. X so much, whose name I won't reveal for not causing him trouble. We have been friends for a long time and we are always talking, on the corners around or in any bars, from the tons of them that there are here. By the friendship that I have with Dr. X, I know he will not mind if I say what I’m about to say next. If I know him well, he will laugh a lot.

As a coincidence, Dr. X is Ms. Selma’s dentist. In a beautiful day, in the morning, in the beginning of working time, she came to my office saying she needed to talk to me. She told that recently she had a pivot put by her dentist, but she was feeling somehow discomforted when chewing and a continuous bad breath, something she didn’t have before. She asked me to take a look at the reported tooth and to tell her if everything was ok, because she was thinking something was wrong and, as she trusted me very much, she decided to ask my opinion. Well, she sat on my chair and I went to examine her tooth. Actually, what she called “pivot” was a total crown that Dr. X have placed on her. I started to examine that crown. Boy, it was the worst work I had ever seen in my whole life. Just to start, it was made of metal, all of metal. Nowadays it’s not used metal in crowns. All of them are made of aesthetic material, with the color of the teeth. There are rare cases where we should still use metal. I didn’t understand such thing from Dr. X because it was not Ms. Selma’s case. The crown’s sculpture was terrible, in fact, there was not any sculpture. It was practically flat at the places it should be sculpted the cusps and slopes. It seemed like a bad made table, missing only, to complete the suite, the chairs on each side. Looking at the adaptation, I got discouraged. I even doubt it was really Dr. X who had made that crown. Actually there was really no adaptation at all. There were huge spaces, real rifts between the crown and the tooth, while the crown must be strictly adapted to the tooth, sealed, with an accommodation that doesn't allow even the existence of the smallest space between both, no matter how small it could be. And this was Ms. Selma's reason to be feeling the bad breath that she told, because in these rifts it had been accumulating alimentary remains and bacteria, something impossible to be removed by brushing, that was perished and caused that horrible odor that she felt. She and the people who were around her, of course. And besides this there was a caries that could attack her tooth, underneath this crown. And even more serious the fact such caries would only grow along the time, because as she had treat the tooth root, the caries would be painless and, in an absence of pain, she wouldn’t know that something was wrong with her tooth, while the caries would go increasing more and more, taking unavoidably to the loss of that tooth. Summarizing it was quite a bad work, something gruesome, disgusting.

"_ So, doctor, is the work he did good?". What could I answer at that moment? If I said everything I should, she would go right on that same moment to my friend Dr. X’s office saying that Dr. Eduardo said that his work is a shit, she would discuss with him, she would leave his office badly, nervous and with her hypertension higher that it is. If she had any further complication I would feel guilty. And Dr. X would call my office upset, saying I shouldn’t have said what I said, that the patient was his and not mine, that he knows what he does on his patients, that I should not interfere in the work of the others, that I was trying to “steal” his patient, that it’s unethical and a lot of unpleasant words. I would have to reply calling him incompetent, imprudent, negligent, I would say that the work he did on Ms. Selma shouldn’t be done even on a pig! And it would have caused a terrible circus of enmities, having each one speaking badly about the other...

"_ The crown is good Ms. Selma, don’t worry. Dr. X is a very proficient dentist." – It was the only thing I could answer that time to Ms. Selma. I even gave her a mouthwash solution, to minimize this bad breath that she had. And she went out of my office relieved and more relieved I was, for avoiding so great mess that could have happened from this episode.

To Dr. X, I would say not to worry with what I wrote. I’m a criticizing person, like every Virgo ones. He knows I’m right and he won’t mind. To Ms. Selma I would ask her to understand the reason I had to lie to her. I think if she were in my place she would do the same. And to you, I would say to never go to the dentist’s anymore! They are all false, covering themselves, seeking only for the convenience in their attitudes. They are hard to be trusted...


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